are ALL TYPES of FLUORIDE the same!?

How Do Teeth Become Crooked?

Many people find themselves needing orthodontic treatment at some point in their lives, but what causes crooked teeth to begin with? For some of us, it comes down to just bad luck in the genetics department.

Things to Observe When Visiting a Dental Clinic

Let’s admit to the fact that everyone of us have to at some point in their lives visit a dental clinic. Let’s also admit that none of us love the idea of paying a visit to a dental professional. Yes that’s right. We have always been apprehensive of going to a dental clinic. However do you know that visiting your dentist twice a year is highly recommended? Yes and the reason is that we will come to know whether or not we have any kind of dental problems. In case we do then that’s the best place to undergo the treatment.

Dental Specialist: Myths On Root Canal

Get familiar with 5 top myths about root canal treatment from dental specialist. Read article to know the symptoms and procedure in brief.

Latest Trends In Implant Dentistry

Tooth loss results from diseases and trauma and is very common these days. A dental implant is introduced to overcome such conditions and provide support for the replacement of missing teeth.

How Long Do Braces Take to Work?

Wondering how long you will have to wear braces to straighten your teeth and beautify your smile? You’ve come to the right place. Here are the facts about braces that should answer your question.

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