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Dental Surgeon: An Underrated Profession in India

Human Beings are complex creatures. Either is it physically, or mentally. We were evolved millions of years ago with a visceral body structure predestined to decay at some point of our lives.

Dental Caries: Their Cause and Prevention

One of the most common oral diseases which affect us is dental caries. The entire process of getting dental caries is called as tooth decay which is highly common at a tender age.

Things You Did Not Know About Dentures

Losing one or more natural teeth means facing a range of physical and psychological problems. Nobody likes losing their teeth as it takes away facial charms and leaves one with low confidence. The glow of smile goes away and one is consigned to living with low self-esteem.

How Orthotropics Can Give Your Child a Better Smile

The field of orthotropics offers a better way to align teeth, focusing on your child’s overall health and development. This article explains some of the benefits of orthotropic practices over traditional orthodontics.

Bad Oral Hygiene Can Cost Pregnant Women Dearly

Research suggests that women during pregnancy choose to focus more on their nutritional intakes. However, most pregnant women are unaware that this diet change is what leads to a greater risk of tooth and gum diseases that in turn has been linked to miscarriages and premature births. Consumption of high sugar content foods right before sleeping and post waking up was a possible cause of toothache whilst gingivitis occurs because the gum is more sensitive during pregnancy.

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