Baby Boomers vs GEN X at the Dentist #shorts

5 Signs Your Tooth Must Be Extracted

Your teeth play a vital role in your overall oral health. And so, if they’re damaged, you must know when to have them extracted or not.

5 Signs You Need A Root Canal Treatment

At times, you must undergo a root canal treatment to save your tooth. Read on to know when.

5 Major Negative Effects of Having Misaligned Teeth

Improper bites or misaligned teeth bring negative effects to your oral health. Read on to know why.

5 Toothpaste Ingredients Harmful to Your Teeth

Using toothpaste is harmful to your teeth because of its destructive ingredients. Check out a list of its damaging chemical compounds.

5 Signs You Need To Get a Dental Filling

A dental filling is necessary to restore any damaged tooth. But are your teeth suitable for this dental procedure?

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