can your dental hygienist pop out your crown? #shorts

How to Whiten Your Teeth Fast and Naturally (at Home)

Smiling usually feels good, and it’s something you should do without hesitation each time you have a reason to do it. But there are times when you have to think twice before opening your lips — such as when your teeth are less than white.

What You Need to Know About Corrective Jaw Surgery

Has your orthodontist told you that you might need corrective jaw surgery? If so, this article will help explain why you may require this surgery, how it works, what it costs and more.

Most Important Precautions to Take After a Dental Surgery

Have you been scheduled for any dental surgery? In that case, recovery should be your top concern after it’s completed. This article provides details on what a patient can expect immediately after a dental surgery and what steps to take for a quick recovery.

Parents’ Guide To Preventing Tooth Decay In Children

Among the usual dental problems in children is tooth decay or dental caries. Tooth decay can inflict pain and may lead to costly treatments. It could even lead to other problems such as an impaired speech and jaw development.

Advantages of Relaxation Dentistry

During relaxation dentistry, local anesthesia or a mild sedative is given to the patient to help the patient calm down and relax. Many children often find it hard to deal with the injections and as a result it can cause slight pain and feeling of nausea.

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