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What Are Dental Sealants and Why Should My Child Get Them?

Sealants are clear, plastic coverings that go over the molars to help prevent food, debris and germs from getting stuck on and between teeth. Sealants are usually recommended for young children.

Why It’s Important to Care for Your Smile

A smile does more than make you look great. A beautiful smile can improve your mood, open career doors, improve your overall health and better your relationships.

Why Should a Toothache Be Taken Seriously?

Tooth sensitivity is a way your body lets you know something is wrong. Regardless of whether the sensitivity is chronic or sudden or whether it produces minor or severe pain, it should be promptly treated by a dental professional.

Why Preventative Dentistry Is Better Than Restorative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is less expensive, less time-consuming and leads to a more pleasant dental experience than restorative dentistry. By foregoing preventative dentistry, one can be increasing their oral health risks.

One Step Beyond or One Step Debond?

A patient has returned to your practice, complaining about the debonded fibre-reinforced composite post. ‘Not again!’ you think, vexed at the failure. Bonding materials within the root canal has always been challenging. You wonder which bonding system you should use to reduce the risk of post delamination in the future. Well, hopefully, this research performed by Fereshteh Shafiei, Pourya Mohammadparast and Zahra Jowkar can provide you some guidance!

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