gum disease increases your risk of having a heart attack #shorts

Visiting Your Dentist Twice Per Year Can Save Your Life

Many patients are unaware that visiting the dentist twice per year can not only help keep your teeth clean, but also detect disease early. By detecting a potentially deadly disease early in the cycle, many times a better chance of survival is provided.

The CEREC System Is The Future Of Dentistry

The CEREC system is a revolutionary new method of creating prosthetic dental devices while the patient waits during their visit. This enables the dentist to complete the procedure in a single visit instead of adhering a temporary device until the new tooth is completed in a lab.

Bruxism – Symptoms & Prevention

A study says, almost 30% people in this world suffer with the gnashing and contraction between teeth. However, 8% suffer from sleep bruxism and 22% from awake bruxism. It is an oral parafunctional habit in which one excessively grinds and clenches their teeth.

Are You Suffering From Dental Problems?

“Mouth is the mirror of the body”. This is a very famous adage used in dentistry. The dentists believe that our mouth reflects the health of our whole body. Infact, this is one of the books written by a famous dentist, because of its great importance. In this article, we will read that how this adage stands true and which are the common dental problems suffered by people.

Adult Braces – How Are They Different?

In today’s society there are more adults choosing braces to fix dental problems they have had since they were children. What many do not know is that there are differences between adult braces and the ones that children wear. These differences include:

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