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What A New Cosmetic Dental Patient Is Worth and What Are You Willing To Do To Get Your Next One?

New patients in the arena of dentistry are part of a healthy practice. Attrition generally occurs when patients get out of the reconstruction phase and move to maintenance therapy.

7 Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth

How can you improve your confidence, be more attractive and boost your career. You never knew it before.

Early History Of Dental Implants

Like most medical history, dental implants have traveled a long fascinating road to get where they are today. Our society is not unique in having dental implants – in fact, cultures have been using them for thousands of years. Most of what we know about these far-gone implants and dental procedures comes from historians and archaeologists uncovering the daily life in older civilizations.

Restore Your Smile

Many adults feel that they could benefit from a smile makeover. Dark, discolored, or missing teeth can be embarrassing. Getting a new smile can add a new shine a create the confidence boost that you need!

Six Bad Habits Dental Offices Hate

There are lots of things you can do to damage your teeth. Here is a list of six particularly harmful habits dental offices abhor.

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