Look What Vaping Does To Your Teeth!

How Do Braces Actually Work?

Have you ever wondered what those braces you wear every day are actually doing to your teeth? What is the science behind how you get those straight teeth?

You’ve Been Diagnosed With TMJ, Now What?

Any time you open your jaw all the way and close it, you rely on the temporo-mandibular joint. This joint is what connects the temporal bone, the one forming the side of your skull, and the lower jaw or mandible, and separates them with a small piece of cartilage. It is this piece of cartilage that allows your mandible to slide easily against your skull every time you speak, swallow, chew, or even kiss. For those who experience discomfort in this small complex structure in the front of the ear, you may need medical attention to diagnose and treat your TMJ syndrome. If you have recently been diagnosed, here is your guide to what to expect.

Why Do Individuals Opt For Dental Implants

There are lots of dental treatments you can choose from. However, you need to choose the best dental treatment that can cater to your needs.

How Metal Braces Can Help You

Your orthodontist will ask you several questions regarding your health, carry out a comprehensive clinical examination, and then take a couple of teeth impressions. These data, plus some photos of your face and head X-rays will be used to generate a suitable treatment plan for you. It is important that you confirm if your orthodontist is fully registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA).

Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures You Should Be Aware Of

Cosmetic dentistry does wonders for the mouth and smile! Do not let accidents stand in the way of your natural smile.

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