Things *Millennial* Dental Hygienists Think About #shorts

What Is Cosmetic-Dentistry?

Having a beautiful smile is important to many people, as it not only gives them more confidence in their appearance, but also more confidence in their everyday lives as well. With a booming cosmetic dentistry industry, more and more people are curious as to what kind of treatment they can get nowadays to improve the look of their teeth.

Key Prep Tips To Follow Before Undergoing A Teeth Whitening Procedure

For an in-office teeth whitening procedure, you will have to prepare well first for the treatment, and your dentist should give you time for that. To make sure that you prepare adequately for a teeth whitening procedure, follow the tips below.

Most Common Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic dentistry services can help individuals improve their teeth. These services can also help boost their confidence.

Dental Experts Cite The Most Common Mistakes When Brushing

Brushing is important. However, there are times when individuals make mistakes. Therefore, it is important to avoid these mistakes to improve oral health.

Enamel: The Erosion and Restoration

By now you all must be aware about Enamel. For the uninitiated this is a thin outer covering of our teeth. Although I have termed it as thin you need to know that this is the toughest tissue in the human body. Considering its toughness the role of Enamel is to protect the portion of teeth which is visible outside the gums. But does it have the tendency to restore after it gets eroded or is there anything that can be done to restore the worn out enamel? Come let’s find out.

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