waxed vs. unwaxed dental FLOSS | which one is BEST

8 Reasons Your Smile Can Be Ruined

Your smile is an important aspect of your personality. A good smile enhances your looks and image. And healthy, sparkling teeth make a good smile outstanding. But the reverse is true as well.

Ways to Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth

Your child’s dental care is just as important as caring for their overall health. Children can still get cavities due to poor oral hygiene. Regular office visits, proper dental care and sealants are some suggestions.

Common Oral Health Problems and Their Causes

Just like the body, the mouth is susceptible to injury, disease and infection. Good oral hygiene, combined with regular dental office visits can reduce one’s risk of oral health problems.

What Are Foods You Should Limit (or Avoid) Eating?

Sugar and dental health don’t go well together. Besides candy, sugar can be found in other foods like dried fruit. Carbohydrates, acids and hard foods can also damage teeth.

8 Signs Portraying That You Are A Good Candidate for Dental Veneers

Are you not happy with the site of your smile? There is nothing to worry. Today, a plethora of cosmetic dentistry options are available that will be able to offer the coveted and impeccable smile that you have been craving. The technological advancements have made this possible and dental veneers are one of the most popular options for that. Here are some of the signs including the dental conditions and factors that tell you if it is suitable for your or not.

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