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Understanding Teeth in One Day

Since the invention of dental implants back in 1952, there have been significant innovations powered by the massive advancement in technology since then. The latest such innovation is called Teeth in One Day or immediate Function implants. As the name suggests, you will have your smile restored in one day only after you get implants in place of your lost teeth.

Three Necessary Steps in Preventative Dentistry

There is nothing that can replace regular appointments to see a dentist, but there are things one can do to make those trips a little easier. Here are three preventative dentistry measures that can help keep a clean and healthy mouth.

Four Vital Tips for People Getting Partial Dentures

Partial dentures require daily care just like normal teeth. Learn how to keep them clean without causing damage.

Dieting and Your Teeth

Your diet habits have a strong influence on tooth decay and gum disease. Today, because we are health-minded we take many steps to control weight and keep healthy. Some of these habits may effect your teeth.

How to Get Discounted Dental Supplies Online

As a dentist, you will know first hand that many people delay having necessary procedures due to the cost involved. The cost of dental procedures is perpetually on the rise, causing more and more people to neglect their oral health because they can’t afford them.

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