What is Tooth Bonding? (Magic?)

Home Remedies for Combating Wisdom Teeth Pain

What’s the best way to deal with emerging wisdom teeth? Take your pick – from Motrin and Advil to salt water to cloves and much, much more.

Tips for Cutting Down on Holiday Sugar Consumption

The holidays have arrived! Friends and family meet together to give presents, laugh, eat and enjoy time together. For many families there is plenty of tasty indulgences to be had.

Whitening Your Teeth Made Easy

Getting a self-esteem boost can be as easy as nailing that healthy, white smile. One reason you should visit your dentist every six months is to get a professional teeth cleaning, which helps keep your teeth healthy and bright. Regular cleaning will ensure a brighter smile and a healthier mouth.

Guidelines Which Help You to Find The Best Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is that part of a dental practice which is used to refer to any kind of dental work that enhances the appearance of a person’s gums, teeth, gums and bite. Many dentists establish themselves as “cosmetic dentists” regardless of their specific experience, training, specialty and education in the field.

Family Dentist Discusses Foods That Promote Good Oral Health

Did you know there are foods that help keep your teeth healthy and strong? Here are a few favorites from your family dentist.

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