can you OVER BRUSH your teeth!?

What Are Some Alternatives to Traditional Tooth Paste?

Traditional tooth paste contain harmful ingredients such as fluoride and titanium dioxide. Salt and water, charcoal, and coconut oil are natural, safe alternatives.

How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Dental Procedure for You

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the fastest growing dental trends because more and more people are getting concerned about the physical appearance of their teeth. In fact, the majority of patients seeking cosmetic dentistry do it to improve the physical attractiveness of their teeth to gain more self-esteem and confidence.

Is It Possible to Fix Your Half Broken Tooth?

Discovering that you have a broken tooth can be pretty scary. But you do not have to worry because it can be repaired. There are several cosmetic and restorative treatments available today that can repair damaged teeth.

How Can the Poor Get Dental Treatment?

Whether you are rich or poor, dental health is something everyone needs. You can avail low-cost dental care services from local community clinics, affordable clinics, dental camps, dental colleges, coupons and state medical care programs.

Teeth Whitening Techniques

There was a time when dazzling white smiles belonged to those who sashay down the red carpet in Hollywood. Today teeth whitening has become the fastest growing type of cosmetic dental procedure performed. Depending on the type of tooth whitening technique you choose the price ranges from a ten dollars for a tube of whitening toothpaste to up to $600.00 for in office laser teeth whitening. The Cadillac of teeth whitening is the in office laser system. This is the costliest,…

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