Underbite Correction EXPLAINED (causes & treatments)

Treating a Periapical Tooth Abscess

A pocket of pus in your mouth caused by a bacterial infection is called a tooth abscess. It can occur at different regions of the tooth, right from the tip to the root. A periapical abscess is one that occurs at the tip of the tooth. It is usually the result of a dental cavity that has not been treated.

Is Your Kid’s Healthy Diet in Danger of Ruining Their Teeth?

Many parents take a great deal of care over choosing healthy foods for their children in order to make sure they have good nutrition. At the same time they will probably ensure that kids brush their teeth at least twice a day, morning and night. They’ll avoid giving them candy or soda unless it’s as a special treat, but instead will encourage them to eat granola bars, fresh fruit, yogurt and yogurt drinks and will sweeten foods with natural honey.

Dental Implants: Procedure and Advantages

A dental implant helps in improving your oral health. In this process an implant is surgically placed in an opening in the jawbone. A person may need an implant for a number of reasons including: – Tooth Injury – Tooth decay – Gum diseases – Congenital defects – Root canal failure How It Works: The process consists of: -The Implant- It is usually made of titanium and is placed in the upper or lower jawbone.

Teething And How It Affects A Child’s Physical Development

If there is one important milestone in the life of a child that many parents may wish to skip, then it has to be teething. Find out how you can help your kids feel better and get pass their teething stage with ease.

Different Dental Procedures For Replacing Missing Teeth

Losing teeth can be very traumatic. Missing teeth also affects nearby teeth causing them to either shift or tip into the space left by the lost tooth. It also creates chewing problems and affects not only your oral health but also the beauty of your smile.

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