Dentistry For Children: Helping Kids Overcome Their Fear Of Dentists

The Australian Orthodontic Journal has proposed that every child needs a dental evaluation once he/ she reaches age 7. However, from the point of view of the child, any trip to the dentist could become a very scary experience, lying on a weird chair in some unfamiliar room that is packed with strange objects and unfamiliar noises. All this whilst a complete stranger is busy poking unusual, metallic and cold instruments in their mouth.

Lesions and Root Canals: A Troublesome Pair

Facing a root canal is already stressful for some patients, even though this minor dental surgery doesn’t cause pain, it relieves it. However, most people see an endodontist (a dental surgical specialist) when they’re facing complicated issues such as multiple restorations, symptoms masked by analgesics, or calcified canals. Root canals are one of the most common dental surgeries performed, but when lesions are also present, that can cause a big problem. If they’re radiopaque, radiolucent or a little of both, that tissue can end up looking cloudy in digital images and make the corrective process more difficult.

How To Get The Most From Your Dental Mouthguards

Mouth pieces or guards ought to be used by anybody — both adults and children — who take part in contact sports like boxing, soccer, football, basketball, field hockey, ice hockey and lacrosse. Nevertheless, even persons participating in sports that are noncontact, for instance gymnastics and recreational activities like mountain biking or skateboarding, would benefit greatly from having a mouth protector.

The Wonder That Is Lingual Braces

The reason why many orthodontists may recommend these braces is because of the technology involved. Before they come up with a treatment plan, athree-dimensional scan of your mouth and jaw will be taken and the braces digitally customized for you. Using special software the dentists can predict how far your teeth will have moved over a certain period. Your treatment is made even better this way.

The Five Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Want a dazzling smile? Here are five popular cosmetic dentistry procedures that can give it to you now.

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