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Diploma Courses After BDS

Dentistry deals with the oral section of the body and focuses on the treatment and prevention of oral diseases. The sole purpose of all the dental courses, be it BDS or MDS is making sure that students grasp the practical knowledge of treatments.

How to Move From Bad Breath to Good Breath?

We all love white shiny teeth and we do everything we can to maintain them as is. It’s been said and has been proven that when you meet someone for the first time they will notice your smile and eventually your teeth will be noticed as well. However are you aware that people also notice your breath? Yes that’s right.

Some Gum Problems Aren’t Caused by Poor Oral Hygiene

Many conditions affect the mouth and gums, in addition to the diseases that are usually the result of the build-up of bacteria or plaque on the teeth and are not related to the most common gum diseases known as gingivitis or periodontitis. Reviewed in this article are other gum problems one might encounter.

Tips To Prevent White Spots On Teeth

All of us crave for sparkling white teeth; however, white spots mottling your pearly whites can be equally disturbing. White spots on teeth are regarded a cosmetic issue. They can also lead to tooth decay and thus it becomes essential to remove these unsightly stains. These unusually bright spots on your teeth may or may not indicate decay of your teeth depending on the underlying cause. Therefore, before you get to know how to get rid of white spots, you must know what causes them.

Simple Ways of Taking Care of Your Dental Health

Everyone wants to have an appealing smile, which comes with the best oral health. So, it’s really important to take care of it as poor oral hygiene can lead to severe health problems. And, in order to keep it in a good state, you need to take proper care of it.

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