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Implantology: Dental Implants

Recent studies have shown implant treatment to be highly dependable in properly selected patients. Under appropriate conditions, such as placement by a skillful dentist and attentive patient maintenance, implants can last a lifetime.

Dental Treatment During Pregnancy

It is important to take care of your overall and dental health while you are pregnant. It becomes mandatory to take good care of your gums and teeth and be extremely cautious of what you eat. Hormonal changes take place while you are pregnant and this increases the chances of gum diseases, periodontal diseases and other dental problems. These dental problems are in turn transferred to your baby and affect his growth. So what does it take to maintain a good oral health? We have listed a few steps that you need to take before and after pregnancy.

Types of Treatment for Gum Disease

Gum Disease is by far the most common dental problem faced by us. Lack of proper dental hygiene is the main reason why we suffer from this dental disease. The initial stage of gum disease is called as gingivitis and does not affect your gums that much. However if gingivitis is not controlled it will take the form of a severe problem called as Periodontitis. This condition leads to loss of teeth and eventually teeth extraction.

Prevention and Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Despite the common belief that if we brush our teeth they can last a lifetime, there are some diseases that can affect even the most cautious cleaners. Unlike tooth decay that is primarily caused due to poor dental hygiene, gum diseases such as periodontal disease can happen to people with perfect health, albeit less frequently. Since the disease is caused due to a build-up of bacteria-filled plaque in between the gums and teeth, there is a different procedure for both preventive measures and the treatment of the diseased gum line than traditional dental care, which primarily focuses on preventing tooth decay.

Dental Phobia and Dental Anxiety

Most of us are not comfortable with dentist and dental treatments. We still do not consider visiting a dental clinic no matter how grave our dental problem is.

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