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Gum Disease in Ancient Civilizations

Studies of preserved skulls have established that periodontal (gum) diseases existed in prehistoric times. Recorded history has documented a surprising awareness of periodontal disease throughout the ages. Embalmed Egyptian mummies from four thousand years ago reveal that periodontal disease was common among the Pharaohs.

What Are Receding Gums and Their Cure?

The process in which the border of the gum tissue surrounding the tooth wears away or pulls back is called Gum Recession. Eventually the gums are called as Receding Gums. This process exposes root and causes terrible pain when eating or drinking something hot/cold. Not just this it can also lead to tooth decay because the bone structure gets damaged and this eventually leads to tooth loss. When this problem occurs it will create pockets or gaps which will lead to bacterial infection. So today we will talk about how they receding gums happen and how we can cure them.

8 Easy Teeth Whitening Methods

For instant gratification, cosmetic dentistry has created gels that react with UV rays to remove stains. All you do is apply the gel and lie down, perhaps on a beach and, alas! Your teeth begin the journey of becoming white.

What Is a Gum Specialist?

What is a Gum Specialist or Periodontist? Most patients are referred for consultation to gum specialists by their dentists, friends or physicians. This is the moment when they may hear the word “periodontist” for the first time, and are confronted with the possibility that they have a disease requiring attention by a specialist.

Natural Pain Relievers After a Procedure With an Oral Surgeon

When having a procedure with an oral surgeon, some pain afterward is to be expected. However, it is possible to control this pain with some of the following remedies.

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