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Why The Future Belongs To Dental Implants

As popular as dentures may be, better tooth replacement options are available. Here are five reasons why the future belongs to dental implants.

Simple Tips For Improving Your Smile

If you’re not exactly happy with your smile, that doesn’t mean that you can’t ever be. In fact, improving your smile isn’t all that hard. Visits to family dentists and cosmetic dentists aren’t your only option in achieving a perfectly white smile that appears to be directly off the silver screen. While there are definitely other ways to attain a gorgeous smile, regular dentist appointments are indeed extremely important.

Three Reasons Why Dental Implants Are the Best Option to Replace Lost Teeth

When someone loses a tooth, there are many different ways that they can replace it. Dental implants provide the best appearance, strongest structure, and most durability of all the options.

Invisalign Vs Metal Braces: Which Should You Choose?

Thinking about getting your teeth straightened? Here’s what you need to know before you decide between dental braces and Invisalign.

Understanding Tooth Abscess

An abscess occurs when a particular tooth suffers from a lot of decay, resulting in an infection spreading to the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber refers to the inner chamber of the tooth. If the infection cannot be fought off, the bacteria will multiply in the pulp chamber and then spread from the root of the tooth into the bone. This can be a very dangerous situation because this bacteria or infection can then attack the jaw or lead to gum disease. In some cases, it could even spread to the neck and cause a swelling in the airway.

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