Does Oil Pulling COCONUT OIL Even Work? | Dental Hygienist Explains

Zirconia Ceramic Dental Bridges

Having a gap in your mouth can be challenging concerning proper pronunciation common with the front teeth, smiling, biting and eating among other things. Therefore we need a solution to this, and the best way to go is either dental crown, bridge or a denture. In this article, we focus on a dental bridge as the ultimate solution to missing teeth in the mouth.

Best Times That IV Sedation Comes in Handy

A visit to the dentist evokes different emotions in different people. The procedures themselves can be traumatic, to say the least. This is understandable as the action takes place in the oral cavity, which is literally in your face.

Benefits of IV Sedation Over Other Methods of Dental Sedation

Dental procedures require the use of the most effective anesthesia. This will help to numb the pain and at the same time allow you to be most relaxed during the dental procedure. Your dentist will explain the procedures to you and from here, you will decide which the best option for you is.

All You Need to Know About Dental X-Rays

When you visit the dentist, in some cases you will require a dental x-ray done. This is especially if you are visiting the dentist for the first time. This check-up procedure is vital and it will help in determining the treatment that you will require for your teeth.

All About Dental Crowns by the Best Dentist

Having a damaged tooth by either having a crack or the tooth being weak resulting in breakages can be very detrimental. Many are the times one risks losing such teeth. Dentists have come up with Dental Crown and Bridges, which are meant to bring back the tooth size, shape, and strengthen it giving you back your radiant appearance.

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