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5 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Having your teeth whitened can have a hugely positive effect on your overall appearance and indeed a knock-on effect to your self-esteem. Dazzling white teeth look healthy, strong and fabulous, but also suggest that you take good care of yourself, which is necessary for business and formal occasions during which you need to look professional and well groomed. With the idea of teeth whitening gaining in popularity, many people are turning to home kits, which can offer a cheaper and more convenient solution

Three Reasons To Pick Dental Implants To Replace Lost Teeth

Properly replacing a missing tooth can be a difficult task. Here are three reasons why dental implants are the best replacement option.

Steps to Follow If a Tooth Is Knocked Out

It happens, teeth get knocked out. It’s always good to be prepared and know what to do if that ever happens. If the tooth itself isn’t broken, most of the time it can just be put back in the mouth. Check out these steps to try to save your tooth!

The Developing Smile – Primary and Permanent Teeth

Parents should be responsible for setting up good oral health habits for their children while they are young. Start early to foster good life-long oral care practices. If you overlook or neglect your child’s oral care while they are young, then you are risking damage to teeth and general oral health. Your dentist will encourage you to manage your child’s oral health.

What Causes Early Childhood Dental Caries

Early childhood caries also known as (Nursing bottle caries, Baby bottle tooth decay, Nursing bottle syndrome or milk bottle syndrome) Early childhood dental caries is a form of dental decay in infants, toddlers (A toddler is a child between the ages of one and three) and preschool (A child of 3 or 4 is considered a preschooler) children. It can occur as a result of unusual dietary habbits. It was recognized that infants who use a nursing bottle containing milk or juice as a pacifier or those who breastfed on demand at times other than…

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