If Ariana Grande was a dental hygienist #shorts

How Dentists Whiten Teeth

A smile creates a quick, good, healthy impact on the people you meet. Glowing tooth is all we want for a good social life. Tooth discoloration occurs naturally but unfortunately, changing lifestyles mean an increase in teeth whitening appointments at a dentist’s office.

Alternative Dental Health

How does a change in lifestyle affect your teeth and dental health? This article explained how I improved my dental health using a few simple lifestyle changes and my own homemade toothpaste! Last month, I had my first dental check up in 18 months and I wanted to record my experience – a lot has changed in the last 18 months, in terms of my lifestyle and diet. So here is a report on my current dental health – the dental health of a person whose life has changed considerably for the better.

Gum Problems: Sore, Swollen and Bleeding Gums

When we talk about dental health we often think about the steps to prevent cavities and also how to get fresh breath. However dental health is not restricted to just these two things. We need to give equal importance to our gums as they play an important role not just in our dental health but overall health as well.

Tooth Loss: Factors Which Causes This Dental Problem

It is difficult for an individual to avoid tooth loss. This dental problem is clearly beyond an individual control. To be really honest it is difficult for an individual to maintain that shiny luster all through their life. However it is possible that they can take care of their teeth and avoid any serious dental condition.

Dentist Tips: Keeping a Diabetic Mouth Healthy

People with diabetes are often predisposed to having higher than normal oral health issues. A dentist can provide patients with specialized care to prevent early tooth loss or gum disease.

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