Is Brushing After Eating Damaging Your Teeth? (Fact or Myth)

Understanding Full Mouth Restoration Procedures

A full mouth restoration procedure is also known as reconstructive dentistry. This form of dentistry includes a number of different procedures that are designed to fix broken teeth, replace teeth that are missing, replace old dental work that has worn out, re-construct jaws, get rid of diseases and any other procedure that is needed for a complete mouth restoration.

Enjoy a Brighter Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening

The things that you do every day can affect the way that your smile looks. Everyday pastimes such as drinking coffee or having a cigarette can stain your teeth or leave them looking dull. But you don’t have to choose between your guilty pleasures and having a sparkling smile, because it is now possible to have your teeth professionally whitened to restore their natural color.

Finding the Root Cause of Bad Breath

The anaerobic bacteria living and multiplying in the mouth produces odors that we refer to as “bad breath”. Proper home and professional dental care can eliminate these odors.

Choosing The Best Dental Plans For Your Family

Dental care is essential, but many families struggle with the cost of dentistry. Having dental insurance can make it more affordable, but how can you be sure which dental plan is right for you? A little research can help you choose an insurance plan that is designed for your family.

Modern Dentistry Is Painless

Lots of people avoid visiting a dentist fearing that they might have to undergo a painful dental treatment. Due to ignorance, many people are unaware of the fact that dental science has made a tremendous progress in last few years and now, most of the dental treatment procedures are simple, quick and painless. Another point that has to be understood is that even if a certain dental treatment involves some pain, it is still necessary to get it done because ignoring it might have severe consequences on your overall health.

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