When Does TEETHING Start? (Baby Teeth 101)

Dental Whitening Treatment

Discolored teeth can be a real nuisance and a source of emotional pain in terms of low self-esteem. Teeth whitening, also known as bleaching is a procedure done by dentists all over the world. It is a great solution to the problem of discolored teeth.

Do Root Canals Cause Disease?

As I was doing some dental research I came across some information that exposes the detrimental facts about root canals that I found very disturbing and would like to share my discovery. According to Dr. Nara about 90 percent of all root canals performed are unnecessary and according to Dr. Westin Price, Dr. Meinig and Dr. Robert Jones they are in fact extremely dangerous!

Dental Insurance Plans Are Different Than Healthcare Policies

Understanding insurance plans isn’t always easy. But understanding what is and isn’t covered when it comes to your dental plan can be even more complicated.

What Sleep Apnea Treatment Method Is Right for Me?

If left untreated, sleep apnea can have severe health consequences, including heart failure, stroke and depression. Read more about sleep apnea’s health effects and the methods to treat the disorder.

A Reason to Smile About Senior Dental Care: Getting the Right Coverage for You

Seniors have a special set of circumstances nobody really understands until they reach that age group themselves, from health and dental care to aches and pains to finances and transportation and a myriad of things in between. If you’re a senior worrying about dental care, however, there are ways to put your mind at ease. Finding the best coverage is your first step.

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