Everything Parents Need To Know About Teething

Braces Fast & Easy

Crooked teeth are typically straightened and aligned with braces when there is crowding, spacing, a crossbite, over bite, open bite or high canines. A braces device puts pressure on teeth, forcing them to move into the right position.

Five Pertinent Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist ASAP

Want to improve your oral health? Here are five questions you should ask your dentist on a regular basis.

A Trip to the Dentist Through the Ages

A modern visit to the dentist is the culmination of thousands of years of advances in the field. Here’s a look at what dentistry looked like before the modern era.

Three Reasons Not to Skip Your General Dentistry Checkup

General dentistry checkups should be scheduled every six months, according to most health experts. Find out how keeping up with your appointments can benefit your smile, your health, and your wallet.

Advances in Dental Surgery Throughout History

Modern dental surgery can restore both form and function to patients suffering from many different causes. See how advances have made modern dentistry possible.

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