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Finding Dentists Through Social Media

Professionals, including dentists, are resorting to social media to find new client referrals. Use this to your advantage.

Questions You May Have About Dental Implant Surgery

You may consider dental implant surgery if you have missing teeth or problems with your current dentures. Educate yourself on the basics of this process, and talk with your professional about your particular situation.

Teeth Whitening: Over-The-Counter Options Vs In-Office Procedures

Teeth whitening is a good way to brighten your smile and can be done either in-office or with over-the-counter products. Determining which one is best can be confusing.

Four Out of Five Dentists Agree, But What About the Fifth Dentist?

Those ads that always claim four out of five dentists recommend something are an old standby in American marketing. One dentist disagrees because… well… someone has to.

What Is Periodontal Surgery And Why Shouldn’t You Be Scared?

Periodontal surgery is a reshaping surgical procedure created to restore normal functioning of lost periodontal structures. These structures support our teeth like ligaments, bones and gum tissues.

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